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Prehistoric/Native American

click image for more info I keep my corn in here

The prairie dog has stashed his corn in the prehistoric pottery. In the background is a prehistoric ruin. The prehistoric pots are Mogollon. The one on the left is a polychrome olla from AD 1515-1600. The one on the right is a Wingate black on red pitcher from AD 1175.


click image for more info Mata Ortiz Indian

This colored pencil drawing was based on a photograph taken by a friend, Diane Heymer, while she was vacationing in Mexico.


click image for more info Rodeo'n

We attended a White Mountain Apache Tribe rodeo quite a few years ago and I photographed some of the contestants.


click image for more info Rugs On The Hoof

This is a fellow artist & friend of ours, Johnson Yazzi, in Canyon de Chelly.


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